Friday, February 14, 2014

All Aboard!

After going through the custom at the cruise terminal, we have to wait for our assigned room and luggage. The waiting wasn't bad at all. Since we're kind of familiar with the ship, we decided to hang out at the Showtime Theater for awhile.

We settled at last after waiting for a few minutes and had our luggage delivered to our cabin. We headed right away to Lido Marketplace and had a sumptuous dinner. Lido Marketplace is a casual buffet restaurant where they serve you an ample selection of food.
After dinner we went to Ocean Plaza and brought some dessert with us.
When you get on Carnival cruise, always expect an immaculate room...they clean twice a day (am and pm)! Plus, they leave an animal towel and chocolates each night.

Summer Vacation: May-June, 2013