Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Discover Roatan | Meet The Locals

Here's the continuation of our Roatan Adventure.
This Garifuna lady showed us how to make the ereba bread known as yucca flat bread or cassava bread. The bread is made from grated cassava and salt. She demonstrated it really well.
We got a chance to try the bread after cooking it for a few minutes using the traditional clay stove. It tastes pretty similar to boiled potato. The yucca flat bread is part of their daily meals.
Some souvenirs for sale.
Our next stop was visiting a small Garifuna village. This is what their traditional homes look like. It's made of mud and clay with roofs of brush and river cane. 
The average income for the people of Roatan a day is $2.00. I know it isn't that much, but yet the people seem so happy over there. It reminds me of the Philippines. Simple living.
 Ayay, another food tasting! After exploring the small village, our tour guide took us to this little shack. We tasted this delicious coconut milk fish and plantain dish that is a local favorite. I really like that dish! 

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