Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get Organized With Garage Cabinets

Have you ever walked through a home as a potential buyer? Imagine what it’s like to open the garage door and find a strikingly clean garage and plenty of nice garage cabinets. Cabinets of different sizes, some with shelving, some with doors, and everything is stored away nice and neat. Wouldn't that be nice? You too can have this type of garage when you take advantage of garage cabinets, like the cabinets you can get at GarageAppeal.com and other retail locations, and make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.

Real estate agents agree that having well-designed garage cabinets adds value to your home in two ways. First, like other home improvements, they are valuable to a potential buyer – if that is something the buyer wants to use. Who can’t use good storage solutions? More importantly, garage shelving units help de-clutter the garage and hide items that would be clutter around your home – the utility room, bathroom, kitchen and closets. When you have storage that is too crowded inside a house, it has a negative affect on potential buyers. This is why storing items in your garage cabinets is a huge plus for a home.

Never think of the installation of your garage cabinets as an expense. This is a true investment. Not only will you be able to better utilize your garage, but you can recoup all the money you previously spent on other garage door solutions. If you have any plans to sell your home, don’t forget to put those cabinets to use by “de-cluttering” the garage before you list your home. Any real estate agent will tell you that if a buyer sees all your stuff scattered all over, they assume they won’t have enough storage space in your house either.

So which type of garage cabinets will give you the most value? The answer is two-fold. The first has to do with how flexible they are and how well the cabinets match what a potential home buyer would want. The second has to do with the quality, style and inherent attractiveness of the cabinets.

Well-designed cabinets made from good material are top-quality cabinets. Avoid any flimsy, particle-board cabinets, shoddy doors, or cabinets with a poor paint finish. Even though the cabinets aren’t going to be in a showroom, you still want them to convey functionality and strength in the garage.