Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Donating to Online Charities Securely

With the advent of the Internet, organizations now can reach more donors by making their causes known online. Instead of mailing out flyers and calling people for donations, fundraisers can instead create an account on a fundraising site to ask for donations to their cause. However, people who give on the Internet to such charities may have certain questions that they need addressed first before they hand over their bank account or PayPal information. These questions can be answered when people check out the FAQ section on the website.

Their first concern may focus on how secure their donations are. People want to know that their credit card information will not be stolen. Sites such as these include security features that prevent hackers from stealing people’s banking account details. Second, people may want to know that their donations are tax deductible. As long as they donate a certain amount of money, their donations may be tax deductible as allowed by the law in their state.

Because people like to keep track of their donations, they also want to know that they will have some sort of statement or proof of their contribution. If they provide an email address on their account information, they can receive a receipt of their contribution, which they can then print off when they need to file taxes for the year. They can also print off their bank statement, which will show the date and the name of the company that processed their donation.

When it comes to determining how much they wish to give, people can use the online form to input their information. They can provide their name, address, and contact information. They also can provide the details about the card they wish to use for the transaction. The form will ask for the number on the card, as well as the expiration and security number on the back of the card. They also can set the level of donation they wish to contribute to the organization. The website starts at a minimal level, which can be raised if people wish to give more than that amount.

Using the Internet, people can contribute to causes that are important to them. They can also discover new charities that need money to succeed. People concerned with their security and account details can look at the frequently asked question section on the website for facts about statements and tax deductions.