Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

If you haven't seen Mr. Peabody & Sherman, you've got to watch it with your kids! We saw the movie three days after it was released. We were out of town actually for spring break, and watched it on the island of South Padre. I was amazed they have a movie theater there...lol!
I thought the movie was cute and sweet especially with the dog-kid adoption/relationship scenario. This movie is fun for the whole family with plenty of humor and adventure. The whole movie is vivid and colorful!
Synopsis: "Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman, use their time machine - The WABAC - to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes The WABAC out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidentally rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever alter the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, ultimately facing the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent. Together, the time traveling trio will make their mark on history."