Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finding the Perfect Gift for Every Kind of Dad

Author: Mary Kremer
Father’s Day is coming up and with it comes the inevitable stress of finding just the right gift for Dad. Men are supposed to be easy to shop for, but sometimes finding a meaningful gift for the men in your life can be a challenge. As the countdown to Father’s Day begins, here are a few great gift ideas for dads of every kind.

For the Outdoorsy Dad
Does your family spend a lot of time outdoors? Then your husband or father might benefit from a few extra tools. Here are some fun and not-so-common gifts every outdoorsy dad would enjoy:
  • A good multi tool should be included in every outdoorsman’s basics. If your husband already owns a swiss army knife, take a look at what he has and buy him one with different tool options. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to multi tools and you can spend anywhere from $30-$150.
  • A basic survival kit is not over the top for an outdoorsy dad. It’s handy to keep around and he’ll probably get a huge kick out it.
  • A bike repair kit is also a great gift for the guy who likes to get out. A basic kit would include a small pump, patches to repair tires, and a few tools to aid in tune ups.
For the Practical Dad
Are your husband’s tools always organized on the back wall of your garage? Does he hang all of his ties according to color, or enjoy adding up your weekly expenses? The practical dad is actually one of the most difficult dads to shop for. It’s hard to find something he’ll enjoy and also deem useful. Here are some great gifts every practical dad should receive…
  • A good shoe shining kit is a great gift for practical dads. It’s useful, but it’s likely something he might not splurge on himself. Basic kits start at $25 and can reach up into the $100 range.
  • If your husband or father is the kind of guy who enjoys a close shave, try getting him an old school straight razor shaving set. These sets range from $25-$100, but you can find good sets for around $40-$50. This gift will add a little luxury to a daily chore. Useful, but still fun.
  • Any product from a line of all-natural facial products like this one might be a home run when it comes to a father’s day gift. Your husband might be less likely to spend money on a good facial cleanser and toner, but that doesn’t mean he’s beyond pampering. His skin will thank you (and you’ll probably enjoy it, too).
For the Game-Playing Dad
If your husband or father loves gathering the family around a board game for fun, here are some clever game ideas that are sure to please:
  • Why not re-invent Dad’s favorite game with personalized pieces. Take any game (like monopoly, checkers, or chess) and recreate the pieces with modeling clay. You can create figures for every person in the family. This gift is an inexpensive way to please everyone.
  • To get everyone outside this summer, why not get an outdoor game, like croquet or lawn bowling? This will get everyone moving and is a great way for the kids to spend some time with Dad.
  • Shake things up and learn a new game together. All you need is a deck of cards and you’ve got a world of possibilities. Learn a new game to teach to the family and spend the evening playing together. Family time is a great gift for every dad.
For the Dad in the Kitchen
If your husband is like mine, he actually does most of the cooking. Here are some great gifts to keep in mind for the man who lives in the kitchen:
  • If your husband is a big BBQer, you might want to invest in a grilling tool set. These sets can be found for about $25 and are a great idea if your husband plans on spending time on the grill this summer.
  • Learn how to cook something together. There are kits and books to teach you how to make cheese and create your own sushi, among other things. Pick something delicious that you and your husband can enjoy creating (and eating) together.
For Every Dad
Remember, the best gift you can give the man in your life is some quality family time and a little appreciation. A heartfelt gift will be perfect, no matter what you choose.


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