Monday, June 23, 2014

Installing Elevated Decks In Homes

Some properties are built on uneven terrains and this geographic challenge might create problems for engineers and architects that need to plan a safe layout for a home. A foundation can be stabilized in various soils thanks to technology such as reinforced concrete and other bolstering structures. However, some homeowners might want to build decks or patios above uneven ground. This could be possible by considering elevated platform designs that are engineered to be installed above any type of surface. For instance, some waterfront homes might have a rocky terrain. Similarly, other beachfront properties could stand above uneven sand and dirt.
An elevated deck design solves all problems that are associated with uneven surfaces below a home. Special adjustable platforms are used to support a traditional layout of a deck or patio. Each pillar can be adjusted in height manually in order to compensate for the slope of the terrain below. This means that one platform might be several times shorter or taller than another. The pedestal structures are designed to support maximum loads per square foot. A combination of several of these units can therefore offer enough support for thousands of pounds of static or dynamic weights.
Some homeowners actually want to have rooftop patios or decks in order to enjoy sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. It is possible to install elevated deck systems above slightly sloped rooftops. A system of platforms is used to create a level surface that can be used as a functional outdoor space. Each supporting pillar can be securely mounted onto the rooftop structures. The biggest disadvantage of traditional rooftop decks is a sloped design that allows for the draining of rain and snow. However, elevated decks are designed to be superimposed above an existing roof. A drainage system is installed into the platform style deck in order redirect water down to the actual roof and eventually to the ground.

The bottom line is that rooftop patios should not have to be slanted in order to be in sync with the slope of a roof. Adjustable pillar systems finally give homeowners the chance to enjoy the outdoors from a level rooftop space. Homeowners can learn more about the benefits of having adjustable elevated decks that could be assembled and disassembled as needed. Homes that experience flooding frequently might enjoy the design concepts of decks that stand at least several feet above ground level.