Monday, July 14, 2014

Rig Mats: A Job Well Done

Let’s face it! Sometimes a job isn’t in the most easy to access or easy to work on land. From unstable and finicky ground, to treacherous and hard to reach terrain, many who work in the oil drilling industry are often faced with a challenge before the work even begins. However, with a Quality Mat Company rig mat, you could easily and efficiently create a stable work base for all and any of your drilling and construction needs. A rig mat from Quality Mat consists of 8 extremely durable wood sections that are made up of 2”x 6” treated pine timbers that are nailed together for superior durability to last at even the toughest construction jobs.
Perhaps the best part about a rig mat from Quality Mat is the extremely long lifespan. On average a rig mat lasts approximately 10 years, but can even last up to 20 years depending on workloads and job sizes. A rig mat is a surefire solution for ground protections and stability at any job site. If you’re looking for a reliable rig mat that will outperform every time, choose a Quality Mat Company rig mat today. When you demand a job well done, a rig mat can help you succeed.  


Chubskulit Rose said...

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