Friday, October 17, 2014

Must Haves for a Little Girl's Room

When it is time to decorate your daughter's room, you very well may find yourself walking around the mall in a trance until you find yourself in your comfort place, the shoe store. Decorating a teen's bedroom is easy because they often know exactly what they want, but going from a toddler to a "big girl's" room can leave you a little confused. Below are a few pieces of furniture and d├ęcor you might not think of.

1. Trundle BedWhen she starts wanting to have a friend spend the night, you will be glad you have a trundle bed. Sure, you can dig out the air mattress and pump it up right after you make dinner, help the other kids with homework, clean the kitchen, give baths, and prepare for your meeting in the morning. With a trundle bed, you just pull the bottom bed out. All you need to do is add a mattress, which you can click here for some comparisons, and a bed cover set! Plus, there are some really pretty white trundle beds that are fit for a princess room. 

2. Craft Table - Why turn your kitchen into a nonstop craft table when you can give her one of her own? Choose a low table that you can store bins under. If it has drawers this will be ideal for crayons and other supplies. She will be able to get creative whenever she wants instead of waiting for you to drag everything out for her.

3. Wall Fountain - A wall fountain is probably the last thing you would think to put in her room, right? You can buy a small one from stores like Indoor Fountain Pros, and you may be surprised at all the benefits. First, it is pretty, so any little girl is going to feel special with a fountain in her space. It will help her fall asleep faster, and it will act as a noise barrier, so she doesn't wake up every time she hears the toilet flush across the hall. It will also clean the air in her room and provide the space with moisture so her throat, eyes, and nasal passages don't get dry, which helps her resist viruses.

4. Desk - Depending on the size of the room, you may have to choose between a desk and a craft table. However, if you can squeeze both in, they are both worth having. Give her a place to do her homework when she starts school. Maybe she doesn't need it yet, but the thought of using this pretty piece of furniture may have her looking forward to homework. If you have little lessons now, have her sit at her desk to get in the habit of naturally going to this space for this purpose.

5. Pretty Hardware - If you are buying a dresser, desk, etc., that you hope to last her many years they may be a little more grown up. You can easily turn an adult dresser into a whimsical piece of furniture by switching hardware for pretty knobs. Just hold onto the original pieces because she will eventually grow out of those pink flower handles.


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