Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Prepare Your Kids for an Upcoming Move

When you enlist in the military, you agree to serve your country at all costs. This means that you might find yourself on one side of the country for a few years before moving to the opposite side of the country or even overseas. While you know that you need to move for your career, your kids might not feel the same way. Moves can make them feel stressed and anxious. Using some easy tips can help your kids feel better, reduce their stress levels and get them excited about that big move.
Don't Say Goodbye
Letting your kids say goodbye to their friends and family is a potential mistake. Kids think differently than adults do, and they might think that this means they'll never see those best friends, classmates and teachers again. Make simple business cards that have your new address and phone number and your child's email address on the front. Encourage your kids to give these cards to their friends and anyone else they want to remain in contact with after the move. This helps kids understand that they can continue those relationships later.

Point Out the Good
Kids often worry about moving because they don't know what to expect. If you visit your new base and city beforehand, take pictures with your camera or cell phone. Show your kids what their new school and home looks like. You can also spend some time online together. Look for fun activities and attractions near your new home. Let your kids make lists of everything they want to do after the move. Make a promise that you and your spouse will take the kids out every weekend to try out some of those activities and check out those attractions.

Let Them Help
Encourage your kids to help you with the move. They can go through their bedrooms and set aside toys, books, clothing and other things that they don't want or need. You can let the kids host a garage sale and use the money they make to decorate their new rooms. Kids can also take on some of the responsibilities associated with the packing. Let them decide what they want to take in the car or on the plane and what needs packed in boxes. Look at other tips for preparing your kids for the move at this page.