Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Best Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Car

Taking a long road trip with the kids is something that a lot of parents do not look forward too. Entertaining kids in a car has a series of constrains and a lot of parents struggle to find new ways to keep their kids happy and comfortable throughout the trip. These issues may even be enough to keep parents from going on the road trips that they want to go on.
Even though there are certain issues to work around, there are a lot of ways that parents can keep their kids happy and entertained in the car. Parents can try out a few of these ideas to keep their kids happy during the whole trip. Any parent can find ways to make a long road trip comfortable for everyone in the family. Here are some of the best ways to keep kids entertained in the car.

Bring the TV with
TV can keep kids entertained for hours, but most parents think that TV is not an option in the car. Luckily, parents today are able to find Direct TV in California that allows them to use a mobile app to watch their favorite TV shows and movies. This way, parents and kids can keep watching TV as they drive.
Let them help document the trip
Parents like to take pictures and even write a journal of their trips with their kids. Parents can let kids help with this by giving them their own disposable camera and a journal to write down their favorite things about the trip.
Pull out the paper and pen
Having a pen and paper may seem old fashioned, but there are a lot of great ways to keep kids entertained with this great standby. In addition to their road trip journal, kids can draw pictures, play games and make signs with their paper and pen.
Find new things on the road
A game where kids have to spot and track the things they see outside their windows is also another fun and reliable way to keep kids having fun in the car. Parents can make a list of things to find before the trip and let their kids keep score of who finds the most.
Have a sing-a-long
Everyone loves to sing along to their favorite songs. A car ride is the perfect time for everyone to sing their favorite tunes together. Parents can use the car’s radio or buy some new music for the trip that will please everyone in the car. Parents can even encourage kids to make up their own song lyrics to their favorite tunes.
Buy them a new book
Not every child will be able to read in the car, but books are a great way to keep kids entertained quietly in the car. This is a great idea to use when some people in the car want to take a nap. Parents can even find books about the places that they are traveling too to give their kids some new information.


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Dave, Amy and Jace said...

Great tips! I'll have to remember this for vacation!

Jamie said...

Great ideas!! We always have the "bag of fun" with coloring books, movies, and other things to do!! :)

mystickitchen said...

Great tips! I was lucky my three kids usually entertained themselves.. Thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

These are great ideas! We always have a huge bag of books, small toys, and activities that the kids have never seen before. We pull a few new ones out whenever they start to get stir crazy. Works like a charm!

I'm pooped said...

Good tips. We have done many car trips. We have a big one in a few months & will be doing all of these things.

mail4rosey said...

Paper and pen doesn't seem old-fashioned at all to me. There's a million things you can do with it and we always take ours on car trips.

Lisa RIos said...

I agree, a long trip with kids is not an easy job at all & you need to look in to hundreds of ideas to keep them comfortable enough. These are great tips from you. I love the idea of documenting the trip as this might help them gather more knowledge when they grow up, once they get involved more in to it.

Eliz Frank said...

We used to take road trips when the kids were younger and all your tips helped. We would also take road breaks for a snack or a treat. Good memories.

TweenselMom said...

Books always do the trick, magazines work for me!

TweenselMom said...

Books always do the trick, magazines work for me!