Friday, February 20, 2015

USAA's Core Values Coin

This is my seventh coin from hubby's work, USAA. I love to collect limited coins from them. So every time the company releases a new coin, the husband always get to have one and he'll give it to me. I've been collecting coins from them since hubby started working at the company.
USAA's Core Values
"One of the first things the men and women who serve our country lean in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard at the start of their military training is a set of core values. From then on, they are expected to live those values in everything they do.

USAA's core values align with the military values of those we serve, and they clearly guide how we do what we do. These values are foundational to USAA's 92-year history, and they are a constant in a rapidly changing world.

As we prepare to transfer the baton of leadership, please accept this USAA Core Values coin and keep it with you as a reminder of something of utmost and enduring importance. Every time you hold this coin or fell it in your pocket, may it reinforce our ties to the military community we serve and their trust in you as a USAA employee."