Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snow Biking or Ski Biking

Have you ever thought of biking in the snow? I've never seen such a cool winter sport like snow biking before. Have you seen or tried one? A snowbike or ski bike is actually a bike with skis instead of wheels. It is said to be an alternative choice to skiing and riding.
I was amazed when I saw this group of snow bikers passed by me while I was taking my lesson with my private instructor. I thought it was pretty cool, easy to learn and relaxing than taking a snowboarding lesson. I would love to take a snowbike lesson on our next ski trip to Colorado soon.

This biking adventure does not need tires because the ski blades are replaced with wheels as you cruise and curve down. With smaller ski blades on each foot, you are able to carve through the snow and stop with ease. Check out this video that I pulled out on YouTube.com.