Friday, May 22, 2015

Why Palm Beach Candles are Essential in Your Home

Candles are one of those accessories that add the perfect to your home. They come in all sizes and shapes, and when lit make any room look better. But not all candles are created equal. When you are searching for candles in a homewares shop Sydney wide or online, make sure you look for Palm Beach Candles.

The Palm Beach Candle Collection is one of the best soy candle brands in Australia. Made with a natural soy wax blend and essential oils and extracts, Palm Beach Candles are completely natural and delightfully fragranced.

Why buy soy wax candles instead of regular paraffin candles? Here are the top three reasons:
1. They are environmentally friendly. Paraffin is made from petroleum oil, and burning them increases the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Soy candles are made from soybeans. They burn cleaner and don’t product black soot. And they can be scented with essential oils, rather than chemicals. They can also be scented with essential oils, rather than chemicals. This is not only safer for the environment, it means the scents smell cleaner (and aren’t likely to give you a headache like some paraffin candles can.

2. They have a longer burn life. In fact, soy candles burn 50% longer than paraffin candles! They also burn evenly, so you don’t have excess wax dripping. Not only will you get more enjoyment from your beautiful candle, they end up being more cost effective over time.

3. They are non-toxic. Since 100% soy candles like Palm Beach Candles are made of vegetable oil and essential oils, you could ingest them with no problem (they won’t taste good, but they won’t hurt you). They do not release carcinogens into the air, like paraffin candles do, and therefore are much healthier for the living creatures that breathe the air when they’re burning.

When you decide to add Palm Beach Candles to your homewares shopping in Sydney, where should you go? You needn’t go anywhere. Shop at Elisium online at to find all of your homewares essentials.

You’ll find more than Palm Beach Candles at Elisium. They carry a range of eco-friendly candles and other homewares like cushions, ceramics, lighting, baskets and storage. You’ll also find a wonderful selection of furniture to make your home complete. Elisium offers one-stop shopping for the most stylish homes in Australia. Take a look at their collection today.




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