Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drive Around America’s Cul-de-sac

It’s impossible to drive south out of Florida. The roads just don’t extend out into the ocean. When you stop to consider the horseshoe shape your road trip takes through the sunshine state, it can seem like you are driving through the country’s most elaborate cul-de-sac. Each city you pass along this quiet end is like a unique and luxurious home situated in an upscale neighborhood.

If you start your journey from Jacksonville in the north and follow interstate 95 south along the eastern edge of the state, you are eventually going to have to stop turn and turn around at some point. While you are there, take the time to stop and enjoy the numerous beaches and outdoor sporting venues.

Driving on Interstate 75 from Fort Lauderdale you’ll head west for a little while, but you are going to run out of land going in this direction too. Pass the famous Everglades, and come up on Naples and Fort Meyers. Here you will find some of the best seafood in the state. Without even retracing your steps, you’ll have new opportunities to stop and shop. If you are interested in family themed amusement parks, Tampa is host to Busch Gardens, and Disney World is not far away in Kissimmee.

Exit the state again near Tallahassee once you are back in the north. You won’t be far from where you started, but here is plenty you will have done along the way. To get more ideas for exciting stops on your Florida road trip, check out the infographic below.