Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Five Apps That Are Actually Educational For Your Kids

Children should be able to have fun while they are learning. This is why educational apps are very useful for kids. There are many apps that you can download on your iPad, iPhone or Android that will help your youngster have fun while learning new things. Below are five educational apps that your children will love:

Elmo Loves 123s
This app is ideal for children who are under the age of five. Elmo Loves 123s will teach children how to count from one to 20. It will also teach them how to do simple subtraction and addition. Abby Cadabby and Elmo will guide children through learning math. Additionally, this app features videos from Sesame Street.

Play 123
If you are looking for another app that will help teach your children math, then you should consider giving Play 123 a try. In 2013, this app won the Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review. A voice will guide children through games about shapes, numbers and colors. Your little one will be a math whiz before you know it if you use this app.

Cookie Monster Challenge
Cookie Monster Challenge is great for preparing kids for school. It will teach them focus and self-control. It will also teach them how to follow directions. The Cookie Monster Challenge has nine different levels of mini games. Your child will earn more pieces of the cookie making machine as the game progresses.

Disney Story Central
If your child likes for you to read to him or her before bedtime, then you may want to consider giving Disney Story Central a try. This is an app that has a big collection of stories that are starting Disney characters. It features stories with Doc Mcstuffins, the princesses and Mickey Mouse. The Disney Story Central has a read-along narration. Additionally, as your reader progresses, he or she will earn awards and trophies.

Endless Alphabet
Your little one will have a lot of fun learning how to spell words with the Endless Alphabet app. It has activities that not only teach children new words, but it also teaches them how to spell the words. Endless Alphabet does not keep score or have any time limits, so this helps take the stress out of learning new things. Keep in mind that some of the words may be too advanced for preschool-aged children.

Children are more eager to learn if they can have fun while doing so. Endless Alphabet, Play 123, Disney Story Central, Cookie Monster Challenge and Elmo Loves 123s are some of the apps you may want to consider downloading for your youngster. These apps will not only help your child learn, but they will also help entertain him or her.

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Masshole Mommy said...

My boys are a little too old for those apps, but I have a whole slew of young nieces and nephews that would absolutely love them. What a great list this is :-)

Crystal Green said...

These all sound like really good apps for kids to play with. I love that they have an educational aspect to them.

Victoria said...

I need some new apps for my boys. Thanks for sharing these, I will be checking them out for sure.

Cindy Gordon said...

My kids love apps and I am always looking for new ones to get for them. Thanks for sharing.

Dina Demarest said...

My nieces would love these apps. it's great that they are educational and fun. I always say that's the key to learning.

Manuela W. said...

I am always looking for fun apps for my kids that also teach them. This list is a great place for me to start, thank you!

Elizabeth O. said...

I'm always on the look out for new educational apps for my grand kids. I will check on these. Thanks for the suggestions.

mail4rosey said...

Those are fun apps. I know the perfect little girl who would like some of those too. :) #BeingaGrandmaRocks

Dogvills said...

Those are really great educational app, my kids loves disney story central. Im look into other educational app like elmo thanks.

Becka M said...

These sound great I am always looking for new apps for my kids! Elmo is one of my youngest's favorites!

April Grant said...

I've downloaded the apps. I'm not finding Disney Central on my phone, is it an Android app too?

Michelle Martinka said...

these sound awesome! I need to try the Elmo app- my toddler loves him!

Camesha | Mama Motivator said...

Thanks for these! I'm working with my daughter on her numbers now. I'm going to check out a few of these. Especially Elmo's!

John Lopez said...

These are very useful apps, toddlers would love these, my kids aren't this apps anymore but they loves it before.

Carly said...

These all sound like great apps! I will be trying these all out with my daughter this summer!

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