Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Use Money Wisely When You Travel

Vacations are a time for you to make some memories. It can be hard and stressful to consider your financial situation when on vacation. However, there are ways for you to travel and still spend your money wisely. Experiences are a smart thing to spend money on, but now you can know how to wisely spend money while you travel.
When you travel you might be tempted to get that really nice hotel suite or go to the restaurants with a bilingual menu. However, this isn’t always the best way for you to spend your money while on vacation. You can spend your money wisely, and therefore make it go further, by splitting the cost, spending cash, eating local, considering cheaper stay options, traveling off season and packing light.

Splitting the Cost
On easy way to spend money wisely on trips is to split the cost. Don’t go on vacation alone. Invite some friends or family who you can share the cost of hotels, food, cars, and gas with. You’ll make great memories, and it will be cheaper than going alone.

Spending Cash
Spending cash is good for a number of reasons. One, some of the smaller and best shops only accept cash. Two, you can budget it out, so you know exactly what can be spent where. And three, if it gets stolen only a finite amount is stolen.

Eating Local
Eating local is smart, but may seem confusing. What eating local means is you shouldn’t go to restaurants with bilingual menus or those really touristy spots. Try to go to places that locals frequent. More often than not these types of restaurants serve better food for cheaper.

Considering Cheaper Stay Options
When you’re booking your hotel, consider getting a cheaper room rather than the expensive suite. Or consider staying at hostels, bed and breakfasts, or with local family and friends. Another way to make sure your sleeping arrangements stay cheaper is to reconfirm your bookings. If you show up at a hotel that you thought you had booked, but for some reason your reservation is missing, you will only have the options available last minute. That can get expensive.

Traveling Off Season
Another great way to spend your money wisely while on vacation is to travel in the off season. Going to Ireland in the summer may be great, but consider checking it out in the winter when less people travel there. Because less people are traveling there you may be able to find good deals on flights, hotels, guides, cars, and other vacation must haves. You can talk to a Charlotte travel agency to figure out when the off season is for your vacation destination.

Packing Light
Finally, you want to make sure to pack light. It saves you money because you don’t have to pay to have extra bags or heavy bags. Packing light makes you more mobile and saves you time in the airport. You also have less to worry about when you should be enjoying the sights.

Continue Traveling
Taking vacations can be expensive. However, you shouldn’t let financial worries stop you from traveling. Instead, start traveling smarter by following these money saving tips. Remember, experiences are a great way to spend your money. Once you start spending your vacation money wisely, you’ll be able to travel to more destinations.

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Mom Knows Best said...

Great tips for saving money. I like to eat out at lunch time and save the left overs for dinner.

Claudette said...

Travelling has become so expensive and one really has to spend wisely while still having a great vacation.

Liz Mays said...

I have such a hard time packing light. I don't know why it's so difficult for me!

Shann Eva said...

Great tips. We're always looking to save money on travel. Thank you!

Shann Eva said...

Great tips. We're always looking to save money on travel. Thank you!

Unknown said...

These are all really great tips.

Anonymous said...

Great post and thanks for the awesome tips. I always end up spending more than I planned on vacation. - Jason Young

Unknown said...

We only go places where we have someone to stay with fore free, travel is so expensive!