Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two Situations You May Need Emergency Plumbing Services

You should always have the number of a plumber on hand to call in case of emergency. The last thing you want to happen is to have an emergency and struggle to find information on a specific plumber to call. Not every plumber will come to your home in an emergency, especially if it is during off hours or a holiday. You need to be ready to make the call. The following are only two situations you may need emergency service.

If your toilet backs up
You have to be prepared ahead of time for a toilet that backs up. It is not always as simple as using a plunger, or if that doesn't work, simply telling everyone in the house to not use the toilet until you can call a plumber the next day. The reason for this is that the stoppage could be inside the main sewer line. All of your drain lines connect near the toilet, and then everything moves through your main drain line to the city's sewer line running underneath the street. If your main line is stopped up, then every drain in your home will cause a backup at the toilet. No one in the house will be able to use any drain in the house, this includes the shower, bath tub, kitchen sink or even the washer. You will need an emergency plumber to clear your main drain line.

A leaky water pipe
The water pipe that can create an emergency is one that is behind your wall or perhaps on your ceiling in a two story house. The latter situation can occur in a bathroom on the bottom floor due to a leak inside the house on the top floor. Water begins to degrade the structure of the floor, the ceiling begins to bend and suddenly water pours through the ceiling from the top floor. Side walls become suspicious when you begin to see moisture, but the source of the moisture on the wall is not apparent. The quicker this type problem is fixed, the less damage it will do to your home.

Many plumbers claim to offer 24 hour emergency service, but it is best to talk to neighbors and read a few reviews to find one that you are confident will help you in an emergency. Write down their phone number, and stick it on your refrigerator, so you will be prepared.