Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Best Places to Listen to Music Online

As the number of compact disc sales drops every year, the number of song downloads increases. Though you might still own a few of your favorite discs and download other songs to your computer, you might want to save money and listen to music for a low fee or for free online. There are some great websites that let you listen to all your favorite songs as you work or play online.

It wasn't that long ago that nearly everyone under the age of 40 had a MySpace account. You probably remember designing your page, adding badges, picking your top friends, posting blogs and sending out bulletins. Though some people say that Facebook killed MySpace, the website is still around and is still just as popular with musicians and bands as ever before. Visiting the official pages of those artists lets you listen to music from Taylor Swift, steve wynn, Johnny Cash, Lady Gaga and all your other favorites.

Spotify bills itself as music for everyone and promises that you can listen to classic tunes and music from the hottest artists in the world once you download the app to your computer, smartphone or tablet. The free Spotify account comes with many of the same features as the paid version does. If you use the free version though, you'll notice that the app broadcasts a number of commercials and plays the same commercials over and over again. Upgrading gives you access to more features and reduces those ads.

Is there a radio station that you love listening to in your car? Though you may not have access to a radio at work, you can listen to that station with iHeartRadio. This website and app launched as a way for users to listen to radio stations from across the country, even if they weren't within the range of that station. You can search for the exact station that you want, or you can enter the type of music you like and let the app find a station for you. With iHeartRadio, you can even download the app to your gaming console or another electronic device and link those devices to your main account.

When you want to listen to a specific radio station, TuneIn is the best choice for you. This website lets you search by station name, type of music played or location, and you can even search for podcasts that you find interesting or entertaining. It will then show you a list of possible matches. You can listen to music online or download the app to take those stations with you. TuneIn offers a free trial membership for all new users and then charges a low monthly fee to continue using its services.

With all the major radio stations and music websites online today, you might forget about Facebook. Facebook allows bands and artists to create official pages, and you can use those pages to find new talent and undiscovered artists. Many artists post songs and playlists to their pages, and others post music videos they filmed too, letting you listen to music in several ways. No matter what type of music you love, you'll find websites and apps that let you listen to that music for free or a low fee.