Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Knowing When to Invest in a New Garage Door

Winters may be gentle in Atlanta, but a garage still comes in handy to protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, storms and sun fading of the interior. This makes a functional garage door an important part of the overall look and usability of the garage. Most people never give the door a second look until something about how it appears and works is off. Below are a few signs that it might be time to invest in a new garage door.

Difficulty Operating Door
Have you ever had the garage door get stuck when trying to move it up or down? A free-falling door can be dangerous. The weight of the door can cause serious injury and death, depending on the size of the person and heaviness of the door. No matter how well a garage door is treated over time, they can wear out and need replaced after many years of use.

Warped or Uneven Closure
Is one end of the door noticeably elevated from the other after closing? Warped wood from moisture infiltration and bent metal panels or frames can cause this mysterious problem. This might be a good time to update the garage door to a new and more durable material.

Cracks, Dents and Broken Panels
Has your garage door taken a real beating over the years? If it looks like it has been through the war a new one might be the next project to tackle. Think of how great your place will look after replacing old, worn, cracked, dented or broken panels.

Broken Springs
Springs for garage doors have a lot of tension. When they break there can be a lot of damage to the existing structure of the door and frame. Replacing the springs as well as the entire door may be the only solution. Both springs should be replaced at the same time to ensure equal wear.

Garage door installation Atlanta should only be done by experienced individuals that understand the dangers that the springs can pose. If the job is not done right they can come lose and cause serious damage or personal injuries. It is worth investing in safety and knowledgeable personnel to handle the job quickly and at a price you can afford. Contact Superior Garage Doors and get started today!