Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel in New Orleans

Do you know that New Orleans has some of the oldest and the most beautiful churches in Louisiana? One of the oldest churches that we first saw while we're in NOLA was the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel". I heard from locals that this church was built in 1826 as the Mortuary Chapel and serves as a burial church for victims of yellow fever.
So much history sitting right there!
"The building was constructed, by French architects Gurlie and Guillot, for a price of $14,000. The brick walls, which are 20” in thickness, are supported in a trapezoidal foundation measuring twenty inches thick and composed of brick and cypress. The brick floor and twelve inch interior walls are typical of construction of that day. The exterior walls rise twenty feet and the roof is of slate installed on wood structure.

In February of 1944, a terrible fire struck the church and rectory. This allowed the building of a large rectory. The church was repaired."

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