Saturday, January 23, 2016

Statue of Bernardo De Galvez in New Orleans

If you happen to visit New Orleans, you will find all kinds of statues/monuments scattered all over the city. Most of these statues are famous men from the American Revolutionary War. The first statue that we spotted during our stroll was the statue of Bernardo De Galvez.
According to my research, Bernardo de Galvez is a Spanish military leader who served as governor of Louisiana starting in 1777. Galvez aided the Thirteen Colonies in their quest for independence and led the Spanish armies against Britain in the Revolutionary War, defeating the British at Pensacola and reconquering Florida for Spain. He spent the last two years of his life as viceroy of New Spain, succeeding his father Matías de Galvez y Gallardo. Galveston, Texas and several other places are named for him.
This 12-foot statue has stood there since 1976. It's located between the former World Trade Center building and the ferry terminal at the foot of Canal Street.

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