Sunday, February 21, 2016

8 Essentials Not to Forget When Going on Vacation

After months of planning and weeks of anticipation, there is nothing worse than forgetting an essential item for your vacation. When it comes to preparing for a flight, road trip, cruise, outdoor adventure, or an out-of-the-country getaway, there are a million things to keep track of and keep in mind.
From passports and other important documents to the right clothing to tech tools, there are plenty of things to remember, and it is all too easy to leave an essential behind. Here are the 8 essential items not to forget when going on your trip:

1. Weather-Appropriate Clothes
When going on a trip, many people plan ahead for seasonally appropriate clothing. However, many forget to check current weather conditions. While summer in Florida is typically sunny, hot, and humid, tropical storms happen frequently. In order to avoid being unprepared for the wrong weather, it is a good idea to not only double and triple check weather conditions before packing your suitcase, but also making sure you have a few options should the weather change. For instance, pack a lightweight jacket that does not take up too much space yet will offer you warmth should the weather turn rainy. Using online clothing boutiques can help you find one-of-a-kind clothing items that also are appropriate for your trip.

2. Important Documents
Leaving behind important papers, passports, and other forms of I.D. can put a damper on your trip. In the event of a flight or cruise, having to head back home to pick up anything you left behind can result in missing your flight or having your cruise take off without you. Place all important documents in an area that is not only safe, but also in a location where you will not forget to grab them before leaving your house. Consider making a check-list for the day you leave, as it can help you keep track of everything you need to bring with you.

3. First-Aid
Having a first-aid kit is something not many people think about packing but are needed more often than not. From a small cut to a blister to a large scrape, having a first-aid kit on hand can help keep everyone healthy when traveling. Large first-aid kits can be bulky, so just bring with you a few essential items, including medicine like aspirin, anti-acids, and allergy medications. Don’t forget band-aids, scarring medicine, and even compression tape.

4. Liquids
Remember that airlines have strict liquid rules when it comes to flying. If you have any liquids in your carry-on, make sure they adhere to the airport’s security standards, otherwise you will have to make adjustments, which can take up valuable time, especially if you are running late for your flight. If you are checking-in luggage, a good rule of thumb is to simply keep all liquids in there instead of in your carry-on.

5. Electronics
Make sure you have all electronics and cords with you before leaving. If you are planning on doing any work during vacation, make sure you have your laptop, tablet, and chargers. Additionally, do not forget a camera. If you are using a DSLR or a point-and0shoot, make sure to pack extra batteries or a charger for your battery. If flying, keep all electronics with you in your carry-on luggage. It not only protects them from damage or getting lost, if you get stuck

at a long, unexpected layover, you will be happy you have your music, books, and computer to keep you entertained.

6. Adapters
If going out of the country, you may need adapters in order to make sure your electronics or hair tools work.

7. Apps, Maps, and Travel Books
Before heading out on vacation, make sure you have downloaded all necessary travel apps and have packed maps and travel books. Once you land, you will have all the tools you need to get around the area and find your hotel or host home.

8. Phone Numbers and Addresses
Lastly, make sure you have written down with you all phone numbers and addresses you might need while on your trip. You never know when you’ll need to double check a reservation or call your hotel.

Keeping these essentials in mind can help you be fully prepared for your trip without leaving anything behind.

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