Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Seven Wonders of Houston

Houston is definitely one of the artistic cities I've ever been to. There's plenty of giant artworks and sculptures around the city that will absolutely amaze you! One of the fantastic public art installations that impressed me was the 70feet tall Seven Wonders.
These seven pillars represent different aspects of Houston’s history. The pillars signify the following industries: Energy, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Medicine, Philanthropy, Technology and Transportation.
As you can see, each shiny column is constructed of 150 individual children's drawings, etched in stainless steel plate. Isn't that amazing?
According to my research "Mel Chin collaborated with Guy Hagstette, Ray and Hollington Architects and 1,050 schoolchildren to create these pillars. What looks like lace from a distance is actually laser-cut steel. To honor the park's concept, Chin asked schoolchildren born in 1986, Houston's sesquicentennial year, to submit drawings depicting each of the seven themes: agriculture, energy, manufacturing, medicine, philanthropy, technology and transportation."
This public art is located along Buffalo Bayou and Sesquicentennial Park, next to Wortham Center.

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