Thursday, April 21, 2016

Healthy Meal Plans with #PrepDish

We often hear about parents getting too busy with a lot things that oftentimes, they cannot find the time to do the more important things that they have to do for their family. One such important task that they have to do at least once a week is meal planning.
If the health and nutrition of your family is also your priority, you should take the time to plan your family’s meals. Meal planning can help save time and money and help manage your family’s overall health and nutrition, but if you do not have the time for meal planning and if you think that it is something that you cannot do consistently, you can avail of a meal planning service that can help you streamline the whole process and allow you to receive all the benefits of meal planning.
Prep Dish is a meal planning service that not only sends you a meal plan, recipes, and shopping list every week, but also step-by-step instructions on how to prep everything in advance. You basically spend 2 to 3 hours chopping, marinating, making sauces, etc. so it will take practically no time at all to throw together your home-cooked, unprocessed meals on any busy weeknight of your choice! Also, their focus is paleo and gluten free so if you're feeding someone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity, they do not have to feel left out.
This meal planning service provider will create a meal plan that will make the most out of your budget, save you time and allow your whole family to enjoy dishes that they will surely appreciate.

Here’s how it works: They thoughtfully craft a week’s worth of gluten-free and paleo meals that feature seasonal ingredients to make the most of your budget, save you time and surprise your taste buds. Along with a weekly menu, you’ll get a printable grocery list and instructions for prep day — just 2 hours of preparation yields scrumptious, good-for-you dishes all week long.

You select either a monthly subscription ($14/ month) OR a yearly subscription ($99/year). Every Friday you’ll receive a newsletter with links to your meal plan + recipes + tips. Your meal plan comes as a downloadable pdf (see image, below) & includes 3 pieces: 1) grocery list 2) prep day 3) dish day. You should check them out for more details.