Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Keep It Elegant For Homecoming

Before we know it, it will be time for gorgeous dresses, promposals, and amazing hairdos! But here’s the thing, you can be classy and still be modest for homecoming. You don’t need to splash out on a pair of stiletto heels you can barely move in or starchy hair and overdone eyes.

While some girls don’t even think twice about spending hundreds of dollars on plunging necklines or way too short dresses, there are those who prefer to keep things modest yet elegant. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this for your homecoming.

  • Talking About Skin Coverage
For starters, a real homecoming dress should include at least one of these elements:

  • Bust coverage
  • Stomach coverage

Here’s a really good rule of thumb to follow to keep things classy: if there is any skin showing, be it belly, cleavage, upper thighs, and so on, that would usually be showing if you were in a bikini, it should never be shown when wearing your homecoming dress. If it is, it’s time to reconsider your choice of dress. You can see the dress of your dreams at

  • Now, Let’s Talk About Shoes
The next step most girls take once they have found their dream dress is to find the perfect pair of shoes to match. Recently, too many girls go straight for the thin stiletto heels, no less than 5 inches high and with chunky soles. Those just aren’t okay for homecoming and they are certainly not modest or classy. They are cheap and trashy.

Even on a tight budget you can still find shoes that are classy. For homecoming, pick something simple and something that’s neutral, like a pair of nude pumps that will last a long time and be comfortable to dance in.

  • Then There’s the Hair to Consider
Once you’ve completed your ensemble, it’s time to choose a hairdo. Don’t go scrolling through Pinterest looking for insane buns and poodle curls! These hairdos are pulled back so tight it’s almost as though you have had a facelift. And that’s not good, it leads to split ends and broken hair. And then there are all those bobby pins in your head! Ditch the fear of skull and brain damage and choose a toned down and modest look that is still elegant, like low buns, loose curls, boho-braids, and chic blowouts.

  • Finally, the Makeup
Finally, you will want to top off your super elegant yet modest look with carefully-planned makeup. Sure, dark, smoky eyes are popular, but they can also leave you looking like a racoon. Instead of thickly lining your rims with charcoal eyeliner, take things down just a little and try the no makeup trend. It means toning down on your makeup and looking natural, fresh, and neutral.

Instead of going out with tacky shoes and big hair complete with dark makeup, keep things elegant and modest for homecoming. It will take you less time to get ready, save you money, and you will look amazing! And since we are talking about homecoming, why not check out the timeline on the origins of homecoming. It discusses how homecoming night began.

If you have more homecoming beauty and fashion tips to share, feel free to share it to us in the comments section. We’re sure that our readers will appreciate your ideas.