Sunday, January 8, 2017

Different Metrics Used To Measure Technical Debt

When you detect a fault in your code and assume that it has tech debt in it, you should not procrastinate in its repayment and start off immediately. But in most cases, it is almost unknown about the ways and techniques to deal with tech debt but having proper knowledge would help you to understand that tech debt is nothing different from any ordinary financial debt. You have first to start with measuring technical debt. You can do this manually even by tracking tech debt as you run it and make a note on things like where it is found, the type of current negative impact, what impact it may have in the future, the estimated cost and time to refactor it a much more.
Use Code Metrics
You can use the code metrics for the same purpose which is a good start when you want to do it with the help of some tools other than manual testing. These codes translate the tech debt in the code directly into numbers about the impact it would have the functionality and performance. The cost and the complexity are defined, determined even within the frequently changing area of the code. The method is faster than manual testing method and is also used for legacy codes as well. There is a built-in the algorithm which expresses the tech debt within the code using the plugins.           
The Macro Metrics
With the help of macro metrics, you can start testing high-level metrics in your codes. You can test effectively throughout the entire code and also compare it with other projects to find out whether or not it is slowing the code down. You can find out the bug count in the code and also in its lines, the number of days it would run without any major happenings and much more. Most of such defects can be handled with the use of a number of developments or usage stats. You can also try something different if you have a number of projects running at the same time to find out whether or not any trends emerge.      
About Other Metrics
Remember these metrics are not any tape measures of tech debts but are just an estimated guess regarding the compounded costs in the future of the project. There is always a requirement of responsive and sensible personnel to measure tech debt, plan for payment and keep it to the minimum. There are also some other automated testing tools and metrics which works like magic in the determination of tech debts, but the bottom line remains the same.
Plan A Way Out   
These metrics only helps you to decide the quantum of the debt and also help you to make an effective plan to find a way out. It is just like consulting a debt counselor regarding your multiple debts and the counselor assess your financial situation, calculates the amount outstanding and suggests credit card consolidation for faster and effective result. In tech debt repayment as well you have to prioritize your debts and start paying off at the earliest with proper and strategic plans.