Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Benefits Of Having Braces

If you need braces, you probably only think about the final result – straighter teeth. Braces are certainly an orthodontic tool that are used to straighten and move your teeth into the correct position, and whether you are 12 or 50, chances are, you or someone you know has worn braces at some point. But, have you ever thought about the additional benefits of braces that go somewhat further than the visible straightening of your teeth?

5 Top Benefits of Wearing Braces
  1. Less Risk of Gum Disease when You Wear Braces
If you have severely skew teeth, there is a risk of strain being placed on some teeth and certain parts of your mouth. Your gums may also suffer. While you may be concerned about the cost of braces, they will work to straighten your teeth and prevent gum disease and irritation. So, you can’t put a price on great oral health!

  1. You’ll Notice an Improvement in Your Oral Health
If you have crooked teeth, you are more likely to have plaque and food stuck between your teeth. This can be both embarrassing and visibly distracting for people talking to you. It is also dangerous for your health. The longer food is left between your teeth, the bigger the risk of developing cavities and plaque. Therefore, straightening your teeth with braces can improve your health while reducing your risk of cavities.

3. Braces May Eliminate Jaw Pain
 As a leading dentist in Sydney, one of the biggest problems we correct with braces is the re-alignment of your jaw. When a jaw is out of position, unnecessary strain is placed on the teeth, muscles, and even the jaw’s joints. This can result in severe jaw pain and even headaches when you eat or try to lie down. Many people try to suppress the pain with natural remedies, such as THC gummies and oils (which are reviewed on, but ultimately, braces can help this. As the teeth are straightened with braces and the jaw is moved into the correct alignment, you will notice your jaw pain begin to disappear.

  1. Teeth That Had Not Descended May Be Brought Down Properly
Do you have one or more permanent teeth that seem to never have properly dropped down or descended? While this may be due to them being obstructed when they were supposed to drop down or perhaps for another natural reason, with the help of braces, these teeth can be brought down slowly. This is a highly safe practice and something that is easily included in a braces treatment.

  1. Make More Space in Your Mouth
Do your teeth tend to overcrowd your mouth? It is not uncommon, but it is necessary to create more space for you. This is easily done in conjunction with your orthodontic treatment. What’s more, it will make it possible for your teeth to slowly move into the right position. Sometimes, we may need to pull one or two teeth to make space, but often braces do the trick!

If you have been putting off getting braces to improve your smile, consider the above five points!