Friday, April 21, 2017

Why Start A Coin Collection

Have you ever dreamt of being a numismatist? If not, you might not realize how fun, and valuable, this coin-collecting hobby might be.

Coin collecting often gets a bad rap, but the truth is that it is cooler than most people think. To help non-numismatists understand the obsession with coin collections, the Boise coin dealers team at Infinity Coins created the following list of the top three reasons why you should collect coins.

Metal is valuable
When collecting coins, you will come across pieces from around the world. Depending on where the coin was made, and the period in which it was crafted, it might be made of a high-grade precious metal.

Though the stock market rises and falls daily, do you know what seems to be continually rising? The value of precious metals. What better way to invest in your future than a coin collection?

Make a return on investment
Speaking of valuable assets, how often can you say your collection becomes more valuable over time?  If you ever get tired of collecting coins or find yourself in a tight spot, you can always sell your coin collection.

Fun for the whole family
Whether you are a new collector or an avid numismatist, starting and maintaining a coin collection can be a fun adventure for you and your entire family. Imagine how cool it will be for one of your children as when they find a rare coin for which you have searched months. Not many other collections can offer that kind of experience.

Why you should start a coin collection
Sure, you could start a stamp collection or collect cards; however, there is just something special about collecting coins. Whether you simply want to collect state quarters or would prefer to collect rare bullions, now is the time to start your coin collection.

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