Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why Technology Goes Hand In Hand With Trust

Have you ever considered how much trust we put in others on a daily basis? From the lollipop lady to the bus driver; we rely on them to keep us safe. We trust the sales assistant to total the bill correctly, and we have confidence in the doctor to give the correct diagnosis. These are all strangers in our lives, and yet we owe so much to them.
Not only do we hold this trust outside of our home, but we also bring it into our homes too; right into our safe haven, and we put faith in people, and try and trust one another.

In the home
We always say we'd never let a random stranger into our homes because we have no idea who they are or where they come from, right?
But there are various reasons we do accept strangers into our homes.
Here are some examples.
Not all of us know how to keep a garden flourishing throughout the year, but luckily for us, that's what a gardener is for. You give them access to your grounds so they can plant, water and tidy up your plants.

Pet sitter
What about when we want to go on holiday, but we can't take our pet with us? - Well, that's where a pet sitter comes in. You don't have to worry about your animal not getting fed or played with because that's why we hire the help, but this means giving them a key to your home remember?

If anyone has a sick relative, whether that be someone suffering from dementia or anything else that makes them unable to look after themselves properly, you'll need a helping hand. If you work every day, you can't expect to do everything yourself; you can't be in two places at once can you? So getting a nurse in every day will take the load off, so you can rest a little bit easier.

Now, of course, these people are all trained to do their job, and have most likely studied for a good couple of years (if not more!) and probably hold many qualifications to their name. But having said all of that, there is no sure evidence of them being trustworthy. But how do we check for that? How do we know if someone is really trustworthy, or just pretending to be?
Sure, we can listen to our guts, but what if we want more of a reliable source that just our bodies?

We could install an expensive technology system with secret cameras or a simple digital micro recorder. This may reduce some of the tension we endure while these strangers work in our home, but then do we become detectives? Constantly looking for problems, essentially giving us a negative view on the people that are only trying to do their job?
It's natural to gradually become friends with someone if you see them on a regular basis, but then what if every time you look or listen to the daily recordings, you start to doubt them?
Or maybe it will have the complete opposite effect. Maybe you appreciate them even more because you see real truth in them.

Catch the criminal
We've all seen the news where secret equipment is installed, and people are caught red handed. Whether it has caught them going through our possessions, or even worse with things like abusing our loved ones. In these instances, technology helps us convict them, and make them pay for their wrong doing. But not only that, it could end up saving someone's life!
Have you ever seen those programs on tv where thanks to a quick little recording, they are able to piece together a whole crime? - Knowledge is power, so the more evidence you can get on someone, the easier it will be to bring them to justice.

Our children are the most precious thing we have, and it goes without saying that we have to trust the people who care for them. It's a lot easier said than done, because no matter what age our children are, they will always be our babies, and we will go to great lengths to ensure their safety.

This starts in the home, in nursery, and in school. Whether you plan on hiring a nanny to look after your little one, or trust the staff to listen to your child when they need help. - Technology will always be something that we can rely on, it doesn’t lie. And as the saying goes - it's better to be safe than sorry.