Thursday, June 29, 2017

6 Signs You Have A Sewer Line Issue

You probably don’t spend plenty of time thinking about your sewer line, as long as it’s functioning, and it’s taking waste water away, there’s really nothing to think about. But, since many policies for homeowners don’t usually cover repairs and replacements for sewer lines, you should know about the signs before a larger problem develops. Here are some signs that will tell you that there is a problem with your sewer line.

  1. A smelly, soggy yard
Broken sewer lines allow waste water to leak out into your outdoor area. Eventually, it makes its way through the soil under the grass, leading to puddles of water in the yard, regardless if it rained several days ago or not. Even if it recently rained, if there are puddles that smell, you should have your sewer line checked. Sometimes, you may even need to have it replaced by professional plumbers in Brisbane or in your local area. Chances are, there is a break in the sewer line. The longer you leave it, the more of a problem it will become.

  1. Slow drains

If there is a leak or a clog in your sewer line, it may result in all of the drains in the house to run slower than they should. This is a warning to act quickly before the drains become completely blocked. A complete block is a much bigger issue than a drain that runs slow.

  1. Water backs up in unusual places
A broken or blocked sewer line can lead to odd things happening when you are using your plumbing system. For instance, flushing a toilet could make the drain bubble in the shower. Or, using the washing machine may make the toilet overflow.

  1. Mould
If you’ve noticed mould growth and water stains on the ceiling or walls, it may mean that the sewer line has a break somewhere within your walls. This is especially true if the water stains and mould are accompanied by a sewage smell.

  1. Insect or rodent issues
If there is a sewer line break, it makes for easy access for insects and rodents. Rats can easily squeeze through a tiny hole, and mice can make it through even smaller holes. As for insects, they need next to no space at all!

  1. Water patches and flooding in the basement
If you have a severe break or clog, water may back up into the foundations and the basement. The earliest signs of such a problem include moist spots around your drains and horrible-smelling drains.

Whether or not you are connected to the main sewer system in your neighbourhood or you happen to have a septic tank at home, there is a wide range of issues that can result to breakages and clogs. Even situations as straightforward as age, heavy rains, and issues with tree roots can be enough to damage or back up your sewer line. It takes one simple issue to lead to an expensive, big mess, which is why you should call a plumber as soon as you are concerned about your line or notice any of the above issues.