Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Far From Friends: Keeping Up When They’re Far Away

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A lot of people have big plans to move around the world and live somewhere completely different, as soon as they can. Of course, most dreams like this will never come to be. And, life will take a different path. But, when people do manage to do something like this; it can leave you feeling left behind. Having a close friend move somewhere else will always make it harder for you to keep in touch with them; going into the future. So, you have to start putting in extra effort to help them. This post will be going through some of the best ways to do this; so, you just have to start doing the work.

Modern technology has made it incredibly easy for people to stay connected. In fact, nowadays, it’s possible for you to talk to people practically anywhere in the world. Services like Skype and MSN allow you to video call your friends. These services are done over the internet; so, it doesn’t cost you anything extra to have this done. And, it can be done from most laptops which have webcams. Of course, this won’t be good all the time, though. You might need to set up a way to talk using an instant messaging service like Facebook Messenger; which, like the other software, is free. This gives you the chance to talk to your friends in real time, and you don’t have to spend money on the privilege.

Sometimes, though, saving money won’t be your priority. Instead, you’ll simply be trying to make your friend’s life nicer. Doing this is best done by getting someone a gift. But, it shouldn’t be anything ordinary; it should be something you both love. For example, if you met the friend through music; you could find them a secondhand piano to remember you whenever they play. Getting items like this overseas is nice and easy, too. Companies like Shiply have the resources to help you to get objects of most sizes to their new home; even when your friend lives remotely. Of course, you could also look into getting them something a lot smaller. This way, you could either have it ship directly to them or you could wind it yourself.

Now, after a few months or years of your friend being away, you’ll start to get the strong urge to find a way to see them. Of course, at this point, you need to book flights and other travel essentials. But, you might not have to find your own place to stay; if your friend has spare space. This sort of trip should be planned in advance to ensure that you have as much time with your friend as possible. You should try to get them at a time when they’re off work. And, you should aim to have them show you some of their new home. This sort of trip will be very exciting for both of you!

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder to keep your friendships alive when people move away. Even when people don’t move too far; it can be hard to keep in touch. But, with the right effort, your relationship can hold strong.

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