Friday, August 25, 2017

10 Creative Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

We all remember the days of losing our baby teeth, as our adult teeth begin to push through the gums. For some of us it was a traumatic experience, while for others a fun adventure. More often than not, dad is behind the scenes crafting the tooth extraction. The team at Alligator Pediatric Dentistry, a kids dentist in Idaho Falls, has put together a list of the top 10 most creative way to pull a loose tooth. Video proof included!
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  1. Pet Bird – This little girl patiently sat and allowed her pet bird to pull her loose tooth.

  1. Bow and arrow – This boy took archery to a whole new level when he tied a string to his arrow, and shot it across the yard. Tooth; gone.

  1. Toy Airplane – Sending her toy airplane into the air, this little girl lost her tooth as the plane soared away.

  1. Ped Dog – What do dogs do when they want a treat? Run and get it! When a little girls tooth is attached to the collar, there is only one possible outcome.

  1. Squirrel – Yes, you read right. A wild squirrel aided in the removal of this girls tooth. If squirrels didn’t scare you before, they may now!

  1. Door – A classic tooth pull story, this girl decided to tie the tooth to a door, and kick it closed. Better than dad in your mouth with plyers!

  1. Helicopter – With access to a real helicopter, why not just pull a tooth at takeoff? This boy now has a once in a lifetime story to tell all his friends!

  1. Rocket – We’re not sure if teeth belong in outer space, but this is a science test that needs to happen!

  1. Golf ball – Four! This brave boy allowed his father to tie his tooth to a golf ball and tee off. This will only work if your dad can hit the ball…

  1. Lamborghini – This supercar revs high and accelerates quickly! One little girl decided she would tie her tooth to the spoiler and let momentum take its course.
Although creative and pretty fun to watch, we remind all parents and children to be careful when extracting a tooth. If safety measures are not taken, injuries can occur, and you may end up sitting in the office of your pediatric dentist.