Wednesday, August 16, 2017

7 Ways To Revive Your Old Kitchen

Is your old kitchen in need of an update? Every kitchen has it’s use-by-date after which appliance can start to fail and d├ęcor can start to look outdated. Here are a few ways that you can bring an outdated and timeworn kitchen back to life.

Add a fresh splash of paint
Adding a new layer of paint to the walls immediately freshens any room up. Paint can also be a way of sprucing up kitchen furniture cheaply. If cabinets have started to look faded or paint is peeling, you needn’t buy new cabinets – simply add a new lick of paint. Glossy paints can add a modern touch. You can even paint over worn kitchen countertops rather than replacing them. There are now spray-on granite paints that can create the illusion of a brand new stone worktop.

Tap into new ideas
Old taps will immediately make your kitchen look outdated. The newest tap trend is chrome steel pull-down taps. As well as being clean and shiny, these taps can be manoeuvred like a shower head making washing up easier. Boiling hot water taps are also a new trend that some people are opting for. These can provide instant boiling water to a mug or pan, saving you having to use a kettle. Many have safety locks, so that kids don’t accidentally get their hands on them. You can order taps online. It’s best getting a plumber to fix them, especially with boiling hot water taps.

Give soft close drawers a go
Say goodbye to archaic slamming drawers and embrace the latest smooth drawer mechanism. Soft close drawers can stop fingers getting trapped and are less noisy. The soft-close mechanism is easy to install and doesn’t require you to get new drawers. You can buy them online or at many hardware stores.

Buy new handles and pulls
You may also be able to freshen up those drawers simply by buying new drawer pulls. The same applies to kitchen cabinets with new handles. Chrome handles and drawer pulls are great for giving your kitchen that modern and chic touch. They’re easy to put on and don’t cost much to buy. People may even be tricked into thinking that you’ve bought new drawers and cabinets, especially if you’ve repainted them too.  


Change up your countertop
As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to change up your countertop and a new lick of paint may suffice, however for battered and seriously old worktops you could benefit from buying a new one. Stones such as marble and granite continue to be popular luxury choices. Concrete and butcher’s block are two stone alternatives that are much cheaper for those on a budget. Avoid cheap plastic materials that look tacky or stainless steel, in which in some cases can make your kitchen look like a canteen. Woods or even ceramic could be a good option for those that don’t want stone or a synthetic substitute.

Update old appliances
Ancient refrigerators and washing machines might not only be less efficient, they may be costing you more money to run than modern alternatives. Newer appliances are more energy efficient, preventing you from using up as much electricity or gas. You should consider swapping out some appliances for newer versions, especially if they are already broken. For example, if you are a coffee lover, you can get the new bean to cup coffee machine. That said, you shouldn’t get rid of every appliance the moment I breaks. For a newish appliance such as a five-year-old refridgerator, you’re much better off paying for refrigerator repair than buying a new one. Most appliances can last fifteen years before getting outdated.

Introduce more light
Adding more light can immediately transform a dull room into a place that’s bright and energising. This could be a case of introducing more natural light by using mirrors and reflective surfaces. Alternatively, you could try putting in more artificial light. If you’ve only got one overhead light fixture, you could think about adding in more lights. Track lighting can allow you to fit multiple bulbs facing in different directions. There’s also the slightly more expensive but sleek option of spot lighting. You may be able to fit different lights around the kitchen wherever you fancy using this latter method, brightening up any cubby holes or dark corners.


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