Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Renting A Property As A Parent: Anxieties & Agitations

Parenting is a difficult job, whichever way you slice it. The one thing you want to do is to make sure that you have a roof over their heads at all times. It is very difficult now to do this, with the rising costs of mortgages, and the financial difficulties of single parents, or two parent families with a single income, the option of buying a home is completely out of the question. As a result, many parents have no choice but to rent a property. But is this a dangerous practice when you've got a family to look after?

The Concern About Being Kicked Out
You can be a model tenant and have a pristine home, but if your landlord decides to sell up, they only have to give you the usual prerequisite of 30 days’ notice. And with that comes the most stressful 30 days of your life. You will need to find a new place to live that's suitable for your family, but is also within a reasonable distance from schools and amenities, and this can be a very difficult time for anyone, let alone parents. Throw into the mix raising the funds for a deposit on a new property and it's a very worrying time indeed. Most people rely on the return of the deposit to fund the next place, but if the landlord decides to keep that deposit, it can be stress upon stress. In these circumstances it's important to know your basics when it comes to tenant law, and there are sites like Pro Law Firms where you can acquire legal help in this respect. A lot of landlords are very unfair in the modern world, so it helps to know your rights as a tenant, especially if you are being threatened with eviction.

Making A Suitable Home For Your Children
Something that many parents have concerns about is making a place that your children can grow up in. This can be very difficult if you are renting a property, because you have the tenancy agreement partially lodged in your mind. You know that you can't make alterations to the property unless you get explicit permission from the landlord, and throw into the mix something like the carpet being cream and your children enjoying the idea of making mess of these carpets, it can be very costly to make these repairs and can result in part of your deposit being kept by the landlord. In this respect, it's always best if you are on the hunt for a property to rent, that you spend some time getting to understand the type of person your landlord will be. It may not loom large in mind if you are desperate for a place, but you will get a good feel for the property when you look at the place and you will know if the landlord has taken some pride in the property by renovating it to a high standard, or is a type of landlord just out to make some money.

Making your home a place where you can truly relax is difficult nowadays because of the idea of renting, it means that we never truly feel like it is a place that is ours. But this is part of the modern world, and it's something to bear in mind.

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