Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beating Those First Term Blues

When you’re just starting college, or you’re back at college, the first day can open up what feels like a whole new world of hurt. There’s deadlines you can’t afford to miss, getting out of bed for that 8am lecture seemed fine when you first signed up for it, and there’s no one around to make you get on with things. For those reasons, procrastination and stress can build up and up, and then you have your student finances to cope with on top of that. So what can you do to help yourself get into the gist of things, and deal away with those first term blues?
Try Working it Out
And that doesn’t mean grab a pencil. Instead, if you feel pent up, or anxious and jittery with the stress you’ve already managed to pack on, try using it up entirely. Try an early morning jog, or even get yourself a makeshift punching bag to really grind your gears on.

Exercise does wonders for extraneous emotional stimulation, and thus take a leaf out of the big wig’s book and jump on an exercise bike. College gyms exist all over the place, usually near campus, and have a discount membership for those of us on a student budget.

Even if that’s still too expensive, you can recreate the same feeling at home with simple lunges, crunches, and stretches when you have a spare 5 minutes.

Get as Much Help as You Can
This means utilizing a TA if your class is big enough to have one, and opening up your own study groups and hitting the library for quieter working environments where people revel in their productivity together.

For the times when you’re really stressed, or you otherwise can’t get your work done due to illness or prior commitments of the academic kind, look online for some serious shifting. You can try the service of Thesis & Essay Outline Writing Services | Homework Help, which is a site that allows you to have some academic ghostwriting on your side. It’s not particularly advertised about, but there’s nothing illegal and no wrongdoing involved when it comes to using this.

Try to Balance Business and Social
Putting it like that makes it sound a lot more serious than it is, but at the same time, finding a good balance between friends and the term paper that desperately needs writing is hard to do. Therefore we need to be able to say no sometimes, and stay in instead; you rarely have the money to go out anyway!

When you’re at college, you’re constantly surrounded by other people, and that’s a killer for productivity. Plenty of distractions are on hand, that’s usually chattering in the background, and you’re at your wit’s end.

Reserve yourself a space for working and stick to it, but don’t let it become a place of dread. Use it for big projects and partial credit alike, and get your grades up depending on that space.

Don’t let term get you down!

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