Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Can You Reduce Belly Fat In The Kitchen?

Whether you’ve got a party coming soon, or you want to look your best for the Christmas season, you might find yourself searching on Google for the fastest way to get a flat stomach. But stop a moment to consider before you buy an expensive product that you probably don’t need. Are there other ways that you could use to change your lifestyle and reduce your belly fat in the comfort of your home, say by improving your kitchen habits?
Don’t trust miracle recipes
As said just above, you’ve likely to discover a variety of magical solutions on how to flatten belly overnight, from overly expensive programs that stick to basic knowledge to dangerous diet pills. Don’t fall for these scams. You’d be wasting money and putting your health at risk.

The silent bikini figure killers in the kitchen
Let’s ignore the usual fatty and sugary foods that you already know: Sodas, cookies, processed foods, crisps, etc. You know that they don’t help with weight loss. But getting rid of these might not be enough. Your kitchen is filled with silent figure killers! Rice cakes, for instance, are a diet staple, but they have a high glycemic index that leads to overeating. Another example is the soup. Soups are only healthy is they are packed with vegs and fiber. If you pick a cream-based soup, you’ll be consuming unnecessary calories.

What are the best ways to eat healthy food?
As you can see, it can be difficult to shop healthy food without guidance. The best to burn fat in the kitchen is to stick to a meal plan that is designed to reduce your calories without depriving your body of necessary nutrients. The first and only rule is to prepare everything yourself instead of buying pre-made meals. Start with a healthy, fiber-rich breakfast with bran flakes, a banana and fat-free milk, which can fuel you with energy until lunch. If you’re on the go, a simple lunch of a turkey sandwich with kiwifruits can do the trick and is quick to prepare.

Why you still deserve a treat
For most people, the kitchen is key to their weight loss journey. This means that you need to get rid of unhealthy food as you start. But you should leave room for a healthy treat, such as a light alternative to fast food sides that you can make at home. Homemade onion rings don’t have to be as fatty as the ones you buy in shops. More importantly, allowing yourself a reasonable treat once in a week will help to reduce the risk of poor craving decisions.

In the end, the main question you need to answer is whether improving your kitchen routine works. Your eating habits can help you to reduce body fat. Consequently, making a few changes in the kitchen is for the best. But you can’t target one area of your body. Healthy eating habits combined with exercises helps to reduce fat cells in your entire body. So yes, you will lose belly fat as a result. But you can’t expect to gain a flat and fit stomach just by eating fiber foods.

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