Friday, October 6, 2017

Garage Makeovers For Moms

Have you ever hunted around the house for a screwdriver, gone to the garage, and shrieked in horror at the mess in there? It doesn’t take long for a ‘really great space’ to become a cluttered, unusable nightmare. Whether your car used to fit in there or not, there’s no chance you’re getting anything more to squeeze in. All those old boxes, old appliances, and general junk fill the floor space now. Are you ready for a makeover?

The Space
Very few of us actually use the garage space for parking a car. It is a handy area to put everything else in! But if you carefully consider your storage options, it could become a fully working utility space and workshop. This blog post titled ‘Crafting A Craft Room’ might give you some ideas on how to use the space. If DIY is more your flavor, then why not gather up the tools, clear out the space, and turn this place into a functional workspace?

The Home For Tools
Power tools simply shouldn’t be left in the house or anywhere else the kids can get at them. Even when they’re not plugged in, they’re heavy, sharp, and hazardous. If your garage is to become a practical workshop, then you need a home for every item. This is most likely going to be fairly close to a power socket! Install a good quality workbench and then set to work equipping your home workshop with the right kit.

Do you remember woodshop at school? Those boards with all the outlines for each tool were actually pretty cool. You can adopt the same approach at home or get yourself a good toolbox. Power tools like drills need their own hard case for using outside. You might be keen to use a drill press in the garage. This blog post titled ‘Our Review of The Best Drill Press in 2017’ might help you figure out which style of press is best for your garage space. If you think you might be sawing, consider an electric saw bench too.

Of course, you’re still going to need somewhere to store those bits and pieces you’re not ready to recycle just yet. Simply stacking them in containers is impractical and quite possibly dangerous. You need a serious workshop shelving unit. For extra safety, consider bolting it to the garage wall. Now you’ve got weight-bearing shelves to take all of your items. You can label them, put electricals in plastic containers, and see clearly where everything is. Don’t you just love getting organized?

Cleaning Up
By now, you’re probably starting to see just how much floor area there is. You might find it necessary to clean the place up a little. Power washing the garage floor might not be as good an idea as you think. There might be oil and other hazardous materials there that could spray up and cover other surfaces or your clothes. Consider sweeping it out. You might be able to lay down some matting or even have the surface repainted. Now, what’s your first project going to be? Love your new garage.

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