Monday, October 2, 2017

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Bedroom

Different people might have different ideas about what makes a perfect bedroom. However, no matter how different your tastes may be, there are some things that should remain the same. Many of the pointers in this post are backed by science. If you want to make sure you feel relaxed in your bedroom and get a peaceful night’s sleep every night, then you need to make sure yours looks something like this.

Color - Something Natural, Nothing Bright
One of the worst things you can do is introduce a bright color into your bedroom. While they may look great during the day, you can guarantee that you will struggle to sleep at night. Red can be very stimulating for the brain, as it can signify danger. Yellow is bright and cheery, and it might stop you from sleeping properly. Choosing a natural color, like a tranquil blue or soothing green is a good idea.

Lighting - Dimmer Switches
In the bedroom, you need various types of lighting depending on what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to install dimmer switches so you can have control over the exact level of lighting in the bedroom. You don’t usually need task lighting in the bedroom, so make sure you choose suitable bulbs.

Alarm Clock - Sunrise/Sunset Simulator
Getting up in the morning can be difficult, especially when it’s still dark outside. That’s why you should invest in a sunrise/sunset simulator as your alarm clock. The alarm clock will use a certain type of lighting to mimic these times of day, and it can help you to get your circadian rhythms in check. You should find that you fall asleep earlier/easier, get up easier, and feel better throughout the day. They are especially good during winter time for anybody who suffers with SAD (seasonal affective disorder).


Mattress - Memory Foam
There are so many different types of mattress out there, but there’s always one that seems to trump the rest. Memory foam mattresses are great for all kinds of sleepers and offer adequate support for almost everyone. However, there are tons of sub categories when it comes to memory foam mattresses too. That’s why sites like ChooseMattress are comparing the different kinds. You’ll easily be able to choose the right memory foam mattress for you this way.

Pillow Cases - Silk Material
Silk pillow cases are amazing, as they don’t pull on the face while you sleep. Cotton not only pulls on the face, it can suck the moisture out of the skin and make your face look more lined and puffy when you wake. As silk is so easy to move on (especially if you’re somebody who tosses and turns a lot) you should notice the difference in your comfort. Not only that, your skin will retain more moisture, and you’ll have better quality hair!

Duvet - A Tog or Two Suited To The Season
Some people only have one duvet to use year round. While this may work for some, it isn’t always comfortable. There are different tog levels for a reason! You don’t have to purchase every single tog, however. You simply take into account how hot or cold you usually get while you sleep. Then you can choose one lighter tog for the hotter months, and one heavier tog for the cooler months. For when it gets especially cold, you can simply put them together.

Temperature - Between 60-67 Degrees Fahrenheit
If you’re not paying attention to the temperature of your bedroom, you may experience trouble sleeping. While everybody is different, the ideal temperature in the bedroom is recorded as  between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit. If you make an effort to ensure your bedroom is this temperature, you should find that you sleep much better.

Electricals - As Few As Possible
Having electricals in your bedroom can be a real hindrance to your sleeping pattern. The bedroom isn’t for watching TV! Keep a TV out of your bedroom and you should feel much better in there. It isn’t just watching TV that can hinder your sleep, but the light emitted from it. You should remove electricals from your room for this reason - even your mobile phone. With these things out of the bedroom, you should find you get a much higher quality sleep.

Does this sound like the anatomy of a perfect bedroom to you? It might not be what you’re used to, but if you start using some of the tips in this guide, you should notice that your sleep quality improves tenfold. It isn’t about how much you get, it’s about the quality!