Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Unwritten Rules Of Family Home Decor

In your family home, you want your decor to reflect who you all are as a family. It should tell guests a little about what you like to do, where you like to go, and so on. However, there are a few unwritten rules of family home decor that you should stick to if you want the best results.

Read on to find out what these unwritten rules are and make your family home look and perform better than ever!

Choose Darker Colors In The Right Places
One thing you’ll regret is decorating your home in all white or neutral colors when you have children. They may not mean to make a mess, but they will. No matter how much you tell them not to, too! By choosing darker colors in the right places, for example on walls and most items of furniture, you’ll easily be able to hide fingerprints and marks that kids make when they're just being kids. If you do this the right way, it doesn’t have to make your home appear dingy or small. Darker colors can actually look more luxurious!

Go For Wipe Clean Materials
Wipe clean materials are crucial too - after all, you probably wipe and clean up after your kids multiple times each day. Don’t go for a suede sofa or anything that’s going to make it tough to remove marks. It’ll only end in tears. Choose wipe clean materials wherever possible and you’ll save time, money, and tears in the long run.

Save Time By Hiring Professionals
Family life is tiring, and most parents want to ensure that they can spend as much quality time as possible with their kids. Instead of attempting to decorate your family home yourself and doing a half-hearted job, you can hire painters and decorators to do it for you. It’s a little more expensive, but you’ll get a more professional looking result that you won’t get tired of in a few months. You’ll also have more time to spend together!

Make It As Cozy As Possible
A family home should always be cozy. You don’t want it to look like an ultra-modern and sleek bachelor pad. Include lots of different textures and materials, for example, cushions on beds and sofas to create that textured, cozy vibe. As a rule, you should make guests want to stroke different elements as they walk into your home. That’s when you know it’s cozy! Different textures will also give a multi dimensional feel to your home and stop it from looking flat and boring. Yes, the occasionally sticky sweet may get stuck in a cushion, but for the feel of a cozy home, it’s worth it!


Get Down To Your Children’s Level
Get down to your children’s eye level and look at what they see. Is there a way you can improve on this, or make it safer for them? Although you shouldn’t decorate your entire home to please your children, and they must learn to grow up in an adult world, you can make small changes that will make the home more enjoyable for them, not to mention safer! Childproofing the home should never be underestimated. Make sure you remove those blind cords, buy covers for your pond, and install stair gates. Do what you can to keep your children safe.

Show Off Your Best Memories
What’s a family home without some of your best memories on show? You can do this in the form of souvenirs you’ve picked up on holiday, or with your family photographs. You could even create a wall full of different pictures and memories, almost like a feature wall! Showing off these memories will make everybody smile and feel nostalgic, all while making your home feel more lived in.

Double Up On Your Storage Space
There’s one thing a family home can never have too much of: storage space. Families accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, and it seems that no matter how much you declutter, there’s always room being taken up by more stuff. You can double up on your storage space by investing in things like storage beds and ottomans, which look just like regular pieces of furniture. This will save so much space in the home and you’ll easily be able to store the things you don’t need to use right away. Consider making the most of your vertical space too. This will leave plenty of floor space free for your family to roam.

Select Durable Furniture Pieces
Your furniture should be wipe clean, potentially double up as storage space, and be a dark color...but you must also make sure it’s durable. It might seem like a lot to look for in a piece of furniture, but you’ll be glad that you spent all this time looking for something suitable when you don’t have to fork out more money in a year or two. Don’t be afraid to make an investment when it comes to your furniture, especially when you consider how long you’d like to have it and how often it’s going to be used by your family. Make sure the craftsmanship is high quality, and read up on reviews to ensure you’re making a great choice.

Socialize The Space
As a family, you want to make sure you’re not missing anything. You will eventually all have your own lives, but you want to stay in touch with one another and continue to stay close. Communal seating is a great way to make sure you’re all still chatting away and catching up like you used to. You can purchase a communal sofa for this, or simply create an arrangement so you’re facing one another. Perhaps you could have the TV central to your arrangement so that it’s possible for you all to enjoy this when you’re not catching up.

Use these unwritten rules to arrange your family home decor and you’ll all be happy. You’ll barely notice any marks, it’ll be easy to clean, and it’ll look great. You won’t spend a fortune redecorating too often either!