Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Why You Should be Playing Outside with Your Kids

The benefits are endless when it comes to spending time outside playing with your children. Enjoying the sunshine and getting some much needed fresh air. Which helps mentally and physically. It's a great opportunity to spend some time making memories with your children. Also reaping the awards of the benefits of nature. Spending time in nature are essential for positive growth within your children.

When I was younger, we didn't have all the electronics that are available today. The world today is leaning more towards technology and understanding how it all works. But, it's so important to understand how the outdoors can benefit us both in our minds and bodies. Let's get our kids outside and enjoy all what nature has to offer.
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Benefits of Playing Outside With Your Kids
1. Children who spend more time outside are more active physically. This helps prevent certain health issues that could come up in our children.

2. Research shows that when children have the opportunity to play outside, they will listen to their teachers. Also, their attention span increases.

3. The sun provides much needed Vitamin D which is essential for everyone. Vitamin D helps strengthen our immune systems and bones. Vitamin D can help to decrease the stress hormone, cortisol.

4. Children that with ADHD may experience fewer symptoms. Compared to those who don't spend enough time outside.

5. Studies show that children who play outside reduce the risk of developing myopia or nearsightedness.

6. By spending time outside and essentially playing with other children, it gives them a chance to increase their social skills.

7. Playing outside with your children also enhances their motor skills and increases coordination. They can play many different types of games like basketball, cornhole, biking and much more.

8. The outdoors help to increase their imagination, problem-solving skills, and their behavior.

9. When you spend more time outdoors with your children, you teach them to love, respect and value nature. They are more likely to grow up appreciating the outdoors and what it has to offer.

10. Research shows that when children play outside, they develop necessary observation skills. They have increased concentration and self-discipline.

11. It's true that some children suffer from anxiety, and it's proven that outdoor activities can help curb and diminish those feelings.

12. Playing outside and taking part in physical activities provides stimulation of all senses such as the ability to hear, see and smell.

As you can see, spending time outside with your children has more benefits than it doesn't. The outdoors provides a playground of profound ways to enhance productivity. Also a natural balance not only within our kids but within us as parents. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, take a trip to the mountains. Spend some time at the park and soak in some Vitamin D while you're at it.

Make memories with your kids that will benefit the whole family. You'll provide a foundation for them that they'll be thankful for later in life. They'll also be able to experience the benefits throughout their childhood.