Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fashion Sense 101: Your Health Is More Important Than Your Dress Size

About this same time every year, we start feeling guilty because we’ve broken yet another New Year’s resolution. This was finally going to be the year when we would stick to a diet long enough to get down to a respectable dress size. But, after all, what is a respectable dress size? Does every woman need to look like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel? What size is respectable, anyway? Is it a size 0, 1 or 3?
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What Is the Perfect Size for Women?
If so few women will ever be respectable, so why bother? Once you come to the realization that we are all unique individuals, right down to our hair color and body shape, you will finally know the secret to good fashion sense. You will also know the secret to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for your age, gender, and state of health. That, in a nutshell, is what good fashion sense is all about. If you need advice on healthy eating habits that will enable you to safely take the pounds off, visit sites like Health Row, but by all means, don’t let size determine your fashion sense!

Plus Size Fashions Are Trendy Too!

In recent years, many of the big-name fashion houses have begun designing trendy lines for plus size women. The truth is, Americans are notoriously overweight and, as such, there was a real need to offer clothing lines appropriate for larger women. Although carrying that extra weight around isn’t healthy, the sad fact remains that more than one in every three Americans are overweight, with a huge portion of those falling within a range that classifies them as obese. It’s all about your Body Mass Index, BMI, and since one-third of the population might require larger sizes, fashion designers have begun creating lines just for larger ladies.
Right Resolutions for All the Wrong Reasons!
Part of the reason why so many of us fail to lose weight as a result of a New Year’s resolution is the fact that most are doomed to fail. If you are trying to shed pounds so that you can look good in that sexy new Victoria’s Secret lingerie, it will almost always take longer than you are willing to wait. You didn’t put that weight on overnight, so you can’t expect to safely take it off overnight either. You are making a healthy choice to take pounds off, but try to approach it from a health perspective rather than concern for your physical appearance.
Read up on all the issues an unhealthy weight can result in and then take steps to correct your eating and exercise habits – or lack thereof! Learn how to eat the right foods and how much activity you should be getting daily/weekly. If you approach weight loss from this perspective, it will be easier to learn patience than if you are looking to drop five dress sizes by Easter or by summer vacation on the beach. Fashion should always take a backseat to health and once you’ve learned that, you’ve just graduated from Fashion Sense 101 and are ready for the next level – a whole, new and healthy you.