Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Don't Lose Connection!

Thanks to the Internet, you can keep contact with relatives or friends at the other side of the world, and you can even see them in real time with video-chatting tools. Or you could order your grocery shopping in a few clicks and get it delivered to your home the next day. How about trying to find something to watch on TV? No problem, you can use streaming solution, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, to watch your favourite shows without even needing to touch the remote control. In short, the digital sphere is what keeps us connected to each other. From sharing news to transactions, everybody relies on the online world on a daily basis. So what happened when the digital connection is broken?
The sempiternal WiFi problem
When the laptop can’t connect
Is there anything more frustrating than sitting with a nice cup of joe, ready to turn on your Skype or equivalent for a video-chat with a long-distance friend, with a laptop that can’t connect to the Internet? While you may take the WiFi connection for granted, it becomes a different kettle of fish when your laptop can’t use it anymore. Don’t worry, though. However frustrating this connection issue is, there are plenty of easy WiFi troubleshooting tips to get you on that long-distance visio-call. Sometimes all it takes is to forget your WiFi network and enter the password again to get connected. However, to find the best broadband deals one must do a proper market search first.

When the signal is too weak
Not every home is equipped with the best router option. In fact, if you’ve signed for cheap broadband service, you might have a weak router that can’t get you the strongest wireless signal everywhere at home. Distance is an obvious issue, but it’s one that is easy to test and improve: Just move your laptop closer to the router. For large houses, you can look for WiFi booster on Amazon so that you can maximize the signal in most rooms. Finally, if you haven’t updated your router in a while, a firmware update might dramatically improve the signal strength!

When the connection isn’t safe
What if your connection exposes you to risks? This is especially true for children and teens who may not be aware of the potential danger of online chats and suspicious links. As a parent, the best way to keep the connection safe for your children is to have an honest discussion with them to warn them of the risks and tell them how to report suspicious activities. Additionally, you need to monitor their activities online when they are young.

When the connection is shared without your knowledge
Did you know that cybercriminals have found a way to spy on you through your webcam? Through a tool called Luminosity Link RAT, hackers can get access to your webcam without getting noticed. While the police are working to take the software solution off the shelves across the world, its use has made over 7,000 victims. How do they get access to your laptop? Through a program that you can download or receive as an email attachment. In short, be careful to keep your connection private!
Is someone watching you?
Nowadays, staying connected has never been so important, and yet so difficult to maintain. Protecting your connection involves tech know-how, privacy awareness and an eye for cyber predators.