Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Make a Shopping Trip with a Toddler Go Smoothly

Whether it is your toddler, or if you are looking after someone else’s child, some jobs can be more demanding than others. One of the most demanding is the trip to the grocery store. These places can be a delight for toddlers, lots of bright colors and things to play with; it can quickly become a rush to stop the toddler from destroying everything. Here are some tips for making your shopping trip go without a hitch.
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Make a Shopping List
You need to go prepared for your shopping trip, that includes making a list of all the things you need when you’re there. When you arrive, try to stick to the list and not get distracted, the quicker you can do your shopping, the less chance there will be that your toddler will get bored. Another good reason for the list is that your child can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on shopping, so a list makes sure you don’t forget anything.
Give them a Ride
Most stores, especially large ones, will have shopping carts with a seat attached so you can set them down. These are a great way to keep your child in one place during your shopping. Use the straps provided for safety, just in case they grab something as you are walking along the aisle. Some stores also have carts shaped like cars with a basket on the top. They provide great entertainment for your child while you’re shopping.
Come Prepared
Depending on how long you are going to be shopping, you need to make sure you prepare for any eventuality. It might include carrying a spare diaper or two or a portable child potty such as those mentioned in parent guide. It is also a good idea to have a drink and a snack with you in case they get hungry. Another good idea is to take them to the toilet or change their diaper as soon as you get there but before you start shopping. That will prevent the need for the toilet when you are half way around with a basket of groceries.
Ask Your Toddler to Help
To help keep your child occupied, give them a job to do, it could be something as simple as holding their favorite box of cookies or perhaps a new toy for them. Not only will this keep their hands from grabbing things off the shelves, but it will also make them feel important and useful to you during your shopping. Another way they can help is by trying to find some of the items you need. It will help them to learn about foods and also start to help them read the labels.

Going on a shopping trip doesn’t have to be trauma or a worry, all you need to do is prepare before you go and plan your trip. Then you will find the whole experience a lot less stressful.