Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Transforming Your Basement Into The Ultimate Home Office

The life of the telecommuter is rarely perfect but it’s not without its advantages. As the masses scurry to work, facing gruelling traffic, bus and train strikes, delays, cramped and over crowded conditions, inclement weather and long lines for their morning coffee, the telecommuter need only wake up, wash and throw on some clothes in order to start their working day. Hours are saved every week in travel and a fortune is saved in transport costs. Nonetheless… those working from home face a challenge that many salaried workers may never understand. Most telecommuters are self employed small business people or subcontractors working from home… That means that time is money! As any veteran will tell you, working from the sofa or bed is rarely conducive to peak productivity. Home workers need a space that is free of distraction and conducive to hard work.

Why the basement is best
Many of us who are lucky enough to have a basement squander its potential, using it for storage or letting the space go to ruin. However, with a little TLC your dark, dank and cramped basement can be transformed into the perfect home office. Indeed, after you make sure that the basement is clean, dry and waterproof, for which you should head to Helitech for more information, you’ll find that the basement is the perfect space for your home office. The basement tends to be a quiet and isolated space, free from the distractions that tend to litter the rest of the home. The transition from living space to working space will also make it easier for you to compartmentalize your thought processes, enabling you to switch from “at home” mode to “at work” mode.

Think practical
Before you get into any of the fun stuff, you’ll need to make sure that you have a reliable infrastructure in place to enable you to work effectively. Needless to say your space will need to be well lit with air conditioning to help you achieve the temperature for peak productivity (estimated 69.8 degrees-71.6 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll need internet and phone access as well as outlets into which you’ll be able to plug your laptop, printer and any other equipment you use.

Decor: Less is more
You’ll want to decorate the space to make it a pleasant place to spend time, but keep in mind that less is more. You’ll likely need a desk and a comfortable chair from which to work. Your walls should be light in color and largely unadorned with maybe some motivational posters or carefully selected artworks to provide inspiration when the creative well runs dry. This will prevent distraction while providing inspiration when you need it. Studies indicate that proximity to plants and nature aids productivity so be sure to fill your home office with plants which can survive in your basement where you’ll have little or no access to natural light.

Build a “think space”
Being productive isn’t necessarily the same as working away with your nose to the grindstone. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a step back from your work and give your brain time to rest. For this reason, its advisable to build a “think space” into your home office. This should contain a stereo or portable speaker for music, art, books and comfortable seating. Relax in inspiring surroundings and you’ll return to work renewed and invigorated.