Monday, March 19, 2018

Turn Your Life Around in Three Months

The knowledge that here in the USA, and in other developed countries, people are weighing 20 pounds more than they did 20 years ago and becoming increasingly unfit are scary statistics. This weight gain has resulted in an increase in other chronic health disorders, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiac disease.
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Thankfully, many people are becoming aware of the need to change their diet and to increase their activity, and the numbers of people walking daily or joining fitness classes or gyms are also increasing. For many people, the desire to take control of their health is strong. But because it often requires a lifestyle change, knowing where to start, creating a plan and sticking to it for the long term can be challenging for many people. This may be especially true if there is a need to lose a significant amount of weight.

Focus on Achievable Short-Term Goals

Many people throughout the world are learning the three-month principle. Rather than focusing on just "going on a diet" or "I´m going to lose weight," the new focus is on setting goals for a three-month period and visualizing what you will look like in three months’ time. With a focus on a three-month turnaround time in body weight and fitness, significant changes can occur in both body weight and shape, and most people can organize their lives to achieve their goals in this limited timeframe.
The importance of setting achievable and realistic goals cannot be stressed enough if you are considering following any weight loss or get fit program. Diet programs like the purposely focus on short term goals, which have a clear end point.  The benefit of these is that you are able to create a clear vision in your mind of where you are heading and what you hope to achieve. This is an especially important stage if you are looking at turning your life around physically in a three-month challenge.
Short-term goals are often more achievable than long-term goals and they are important milestones on the journey. If you are using an established program, it will often guide you into the goal setting process.  During the preparation time, you will often focus on understanding why people gain weight and how to make lifestyle changes to increase fitness and improve food choices.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

The days of feeling hungry on a diet are long gone. Instead, the focus is on understanding what foods can be freely eaten and what should be limited, and most food plans fit easily into a normal family lifestyle and budget. Most people, when armed with this knowledge, are able to achieve significant weight loss from diet changes alone. It has been said that losing weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise, and the importance of understanding the way the body uses food and which foods it uses most readily is half the battle won.
When you add a fitness program, either an at-home program or a gym program into your routine, and combine it with the lifestyle changes you are implementing, you have a recipe for a successful transformation of body, mind and spirit in as little as three months.