Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Serious Reasons You Need to Declutter

Picture the scene: clothes piled up on the floor, unopened mail, toys everywhere, and dirty dishes in the sink. For many of us, this probably isn’t an all too unfamiliar scene. And while some can be dealt with quite quickly, there isn’t always space for everything to be cleared or put away; so many of us do have extra stuff. Bit in actual fact, having too much junk and clutter around the home could actually be doing us some harm. So here are some of the things that can happen as a result of a cluttered home, and what you can do about it to simplify things once and for all.

High Stress Levels
Without you really realizing it, living in a space that is messy and unorganized an lead to high stress levels. There have even been studies done that show if you live in a home that has a lot of household items and objects, then having a high level of stress hormones is a link. So even if you don’t feel that stressed out about it, you don’t know the damage that is going on in your body. So an easy win to de-stress yourself is to clear your home of what is no longer needed, one thing at a time.

Overeating and Weight Gain
Linked closely to stress levels being increased, can be an increase in how much you eat. Food can be a comfort and if you’re feeling stressed, then it can play a part in you gaining weight because your home is disorganized. So for better health, it pays to keep on top of things at home. According to a book by decluttering can help you to lose weight and be healthier.

Unhealthy Living Environment
If you are leaving things like dishes out overnight or not taking the trash out regularly enough, then you are creating an unhealthy living environment. It can lead to bacteria spreading through your home, and even things like pests and cockroaches. You can’t wipe clean your kitchen counter if you can’t see it, right? So as well as cleaning up and throwing out the waste, it could even be worth looking at getting a kitchen remodel, so that you’re more motivated to care for it. There are many renovation guides online to help you, much like this one,, if you are thinking about doing it.

Costs You More Money
You can hazard a guess that if your home is messy, then other aspects of your life will be too. Are bills being paid on time if you don’t even know where they are? Are your finances in order? When you live a cluttered life, then it is likely to cost you more when you are paying things like late fees for bills, or even buying the same thing twice as you can find the original. So clean up and throw out all that you don’t need, for a much clearer, and cheaper, lifestyle.