Sunday, May 20, 2018

4 Tips In Your Career That You Need To Stop Now

In your career, you may have been advised plenty of times from your colleagues, bosses, and even friends and family members. In fact, some of the advices that you receive may greatly help you in your profession. However, some nuggets among these may not truly benefit in you during your work. Thus, you need to choose the ones that relevantly help you while discard the ones that do not offer any use to you. This post has thus been created to help professionals ignore certain tips that will only hinder your profession. That said have a look at the following tips that you need to omit during your career. 

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Requesting for a promotion
Many may suggest you to ask for a promotion raise. In fact, people may suggest you that you will not get one unless you ask for it. However, you should never ask for a promotion or a raise as it somehow reflects your image and capabilities in front of the company. Instead of asking for one, you should aim to prove them that you are a deserving candidate. You need to understand the business prospects religiously and provide results in such a manner that your boss becomes obligated to give you a raise or promotion.

Create a brief resume
You must have heard from many to keep the resume as brief as possible. However, if you possess an extensive list of skills and experiences, then you should never think of hiding them by highlighting a few of them. It is prudent to give a brief description about all of them to ensure that the recruiter understands all the skills you possess. Instead of cramming them all in a single page, elaborate each of them in crisp and clear writing to give your best impression in front of the employer. Have a look at the information for the Best Medical Assistant Education to understand more tips and guides for getting a better job if medical career is what you are preparing.
Sending an acknowledgement note after interview
Many professionals, throughout their career, have also followed this tip, but it should not be practiced either. Instead of sending a thank you note, you can deliver a follow-up message indicating them that you are an exceptional professional for their firm. You need to highlight the answers to questions that you missed to answer during the interview so that they recruiter knows of your skills before deciding on the selection of a candidate for the job post. 

Pursue your passion
You may be surprised to see this one on the list, but it is the hard truth for not always following your passion. A primary reason behind it is that most careers will not offer you a sustainable income throughout your life. However, if you have multiple passions, then you can choose the most viable one among them so that you can have a steady income source in your life.
Remember that some of these tips have always been followed and suggested by many professionals, but it is not necessary that they be worth the efforts. Thus, decide and plan your method strategically. 


Ronald K. Denny said...

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