Tuesday, May 1, 2018

8 Things You Should Do For Your Kids While They're Young

While your kids are young, the things you do and teach them stick with them forever. Whether you both know it or not, these things will shape who your child is as an adult and the habits that they stick with. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure you do certain things for your kids while they’re young. Here are 8 things you should do for them:

1. Make Them Do Chores
Making your kids do chores while they’re young gets them into good habits. Not only do they feel more inclined to help out around the house, they become more productive individuals as they get older. They won’t be teenagers that expect you to do everything for them, that’s for sure!

2. Allow Them To Fail
You can't wrap your kids up in cotton wool and stop bad things from happening to them. Allowing them to fail isn’t necessarily bad. It teaches them valuable life lessons that will stick with them for life. They will be more inclined to try again if they fail, rather than never trying at all because they are afraid of failure.

3. Help Them To Build Healthy Relationships
Make sure you help your kids to build healthy relationships by setting up playdates with other kids, and most importantly, spending quality time with them yourself. Just because they are your child doesn’t mean you have an automatic connection with them - you need to show them that you value and love them by spending that quality time.

4. Introduce Them To Healthy Hobbies
Introducing your kids to healthy hobbies while they are young will be great for them as they grow up. You could send them to FCB Canada soccer academy if they love football, and this will keep them fit and healthy as well as teach them important skills. However, there are a ton of hobbies you can try, so explore lots of them!

5. Make Sure You’re Not Pouring From An Empty Cup
If you’re a stressed out parent, you have more chance of having a stressed out kid. Make sure you’re not pouring from an empty cup, or you could be hindering rather than helping your kids.

6. Value Effort
Make sure you value and praise effort, and not simply a job that is done well. If you praise your kid for talent rather than for effort, they aren't going to feel inclined to try new things as they grow up. If something doesn’t come easily, they’ll give up.

7. Read With Them
Reading with your kids can help them to develop a love of literature, as well as improve their listening, reading, and communication skills. You might even find that they like to write their own stories.

8. Get Them Into A Great Bedtime Routine

Getting your kids into a good bedtime routine will help them to have better days, especially when it comes to school. Do this early on and they’ll have fewer issues in many areas of their lives.