Friday, May 4, 2018

How to Help Your Children Find a Suitable Career

When it comes to choosing a career that you want to do for the rest of your life, it can be a really tough choice. If your children are coming to the age where they need to choose what to study and what career field to go into, they could use all the help they could get. Here is how, as a parent, you can help and support your child to go into their chosen career, or help them choose one.
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Be Supportive

Your child may have already chosen a specific career field and although it may not have been the one you wanted them to go for, all that matters is that they are happy. Supporting and advising them whilst they are training and looking for a job is much better than letting them know you wanted them to do something else, as this would just push them away. Sometimes it can be hard to support your child when you are worried that their career field is unstable, such as one in drama or arts, but helping them as much as possible gives them a better chance of getting somewhere.


If your child hasn’t had a job yet, they may not know much about the true concept of money and how much they want to earn. Talk to them about your jobs as parents and how much you earn so they have a better idea of what money you are earning and what kind of lifestyle you have based on this. Try and find some careers that your child may want to go into such as medical or business administration. Once they have narrowed down to a few choices, you can look into the type of salary they could get, depending on the state you live in and their role. If healthcare is an option your child is interested in, the state they live in can make a difference to the salary they can earn. Check out Medical Assistant Salary Michigan to compare salaries for medical assistants in the US.

Find Their Strengths

As a parent, you may know your child’s strengths better than they know themselves. Show them their strengths and what job they may be good at based on this. Perhaps they have always been very good in a social environment and, therefore, a career in something people-based may be for them. If they are very good with their hands, maybe they’d be suited in a mechanical or engineering field. If mathematics is their strong suit, a career in accounting may be something to look at. There are tests online which your child can do to see what career field they may suit based on their personality traits, the salary they wish to earn, and how many hours they wish to work.  

The biggest role model for your children is you, and they will listen to what you say when you help and advise them to find a career. Give them unbiased advice and support them, no matter what decision they make.